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Having trouble with your finances?

Financial difficulties can strike at any time, for all kinds of reasons, in times of recession and boom.

Solutions may not be readily apparent but can range re-organisation of debts to bankruptcy. Often those suffering financial stress require access to an experienced insolvency professional.

We offer appropriate advice on


Bankruptcy recognises the inability of individuals to meet their debts when they fall due. Filing of a bankruptcy petition gives debtors/bankrupts relief from daily financial demands by creditors. more

Debt Agreements (Part IX)

Debtors with moderate levels of debt, moderate assets and low income can sometimes negotiate debt agreements with their creditors as an alternative to bankruptcy. more


You may be able to have your bankruptcy annulled through what is known as a Section 73 proposal. more

Personal Insolvency Agreements (Part X)

A PIA is a formal arrangement with creditors and is an alternative to bankruptcy. more